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Banking and Financial

Security services help bring a sense of security to the workplace of the people in the banking and finance industry.

Long Hai Securitas provides a variety of services to create flexible and cost-effective security solutions for customers in the financial segment, such as exchanges, commercial banks, and finance companies. primary, quarterly investment and insurance company. With our extensive network of operations, it is also a strong point when it is necessary to increase security guards promptly in necessary situations.

Security solutions for the financial segment.

In security solutions for customers in the financial and banking segment. We focus on a total solution, combining intrusion alarm, attack warning and security camera. With the development of modern science and technology, solutions that can help us in addition to monitoring your facility 24/24 can even be unlocked when you start the working day as well. at the end of the business day. In addition, we can also introduce and advise other safety solutions such as fire alarm, water leak ... Wrong to bring safety to your work area.

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