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Response Guard

Mobile security and quick response are an option for the safe addition and handling of your alarms.

Response Guard

Together with our security solutions, engineering systems, quick response mobile security services are an effective way to prevent intrusions and minimize damage. We monitor and alert your facility regardless of the situation. At any hour of the day or night, your family, property or business is always our safety goal.

Secure protection with monitoring and Response Guard

We assume all responsibility for your family and business when you travel. With our manoeuvring service, it will act as a complement to your alarms. When an alarm comes from your location to our control centre, we will dispatch one of our mobile personnel, to check the cause of the alarm.

We handle all emergency situations

Our quick response guard is highly qualified to handle undesired situations, such as fires and accidents, and knows how to act in the event of an imminent threat to limit injuries and property damage. Our guards are in regular contact with the control centre. They report their observations and can call the police or fire department if necessary.

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