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Our Strategy

At Long Hai Securitas, we implement the transformation process by giving 4 criteria: customer-centric, becoming the leading security service provider, innovation and efficiency in service, empowerment, passion and pride for employees.

Our ambition is to become a perfect security service provider.

Long Hai Security Services JSC is a company with over 26 years of experience, leading knowledge in security. Our orientation is protection solutions integrated with technology. The main categories of service providers are specialised protection, mobile security services, surveillance, engineering solutions, and security analysis and consulting services. From the requirements of our customers, we customize and offer the most suitable, effective and beneficial solutions for our customers.

Global expertise, local presence and tailored solutions

At Long Hai Securitas, we always orient that meeting the needs of customers in the future is the business's survival. That is why, through our strong global presence, our ability to respond to local cultures and laws, and tailored solutions, we offer our customers the basics of our nine security services.

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