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New Year 2023

On the occasion of the end of 2022, Deputy General Director - Chief Operating Officer Cu Hoang Nong sent a New Year's letter to all officers and employees across the company.

31 December 2022 10:40

HCMC, December 31, 2022

Dear brothers and sisters of the whole company,

Only a few hours left until 2022 ends. We have had a challenging year in business when the world economy is in recession, customers are tight, and costs are cut. However, with the consensus, initiative, and creativity of all employees throughout the company and with the appropriate orientations and strategies of the Company's Board of Directors, we have passed 2022 with encouraging results, although not reaching 2/3 of the business targets.

The year 2023 is forecasted to be a challenging year when the world economy may have a deep recession, and security instability in many places... will make businesses face more difficulties. Aware of this, right from the last months of 2022, the company's Board of Directors has given many orientations and strategies, and departments and branches have developed many action plans to respond to challenges and difficulties to maintain stable operation and growth of the company.

The old year is about to pass. On behalf of the company's Board of Directors, I would like to wish all of you a new year full of health and efforts to rise and complete the work. I wish Long Hai company more and more robust and sustainable development.

Happy New Year!!!

Best regards!

Chief Operating Officer

Cu Hoang Nong.

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