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Our Values

Our values are the foundation of our operations. The company culture is built on these values that help shape a long-term, financially successful enterprise by creating value for customers, employees, and shareholders. They are summarized in three words: Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness.

The primary purpose of our company culture is to develop competent, specialized employees and qualified professionals whose role is to make society safer for everyone. Therefore, the trust we earned ultimately measures Long Hai Securitas' success in our communities.


A Long Hai Securitas employee is honest and trusted to work unsupervised on customers' premises and valuables. Long Hai Securitas never compromises in its demand for integrity. Integrity also includes openly expressing one's opinion, reporting improprieties, and not withholding information.


Professionalism entails seeing, hearing, and evaluating, and a Long Hai Securitas employee is always attentive. Professionals develop an intuition that helps us notice things that others don't. Their vigilance is needed to stay aware of potential risks or incidents on our customers' premises.


Helpfulness is about our employees always being ready to assist within the context of a particular assignment.

  • Securitas' Values and Ethics Code

    Every day and wherever we work, we all make a difference by keeping our clients’ assets and people safe. Each and every one of us is responsible for making sure that nothing ever compromises our commitment to our core values – Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness – or the principles of Securitas’ Values and Ethics Code. At Securitas, our managers have a special responsibility to set a good example. By working in a sustainable and compliant way, we protect our good reputation and our strong brand. We want to be the leading company in the industry when it comes to sustainability.

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