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Letter from the General Director to the Employee

Secretary of the Party Committee, cum General Director of the Company sent a few words to all officers and employees of Long Hai Security Service Joint Stock Company after Official Letter 2468/UB.

31 July 2021 04:45

Ho Chi Minh City, July 25th 2021

Dear brothers and sisters in the Company.

The epidemic is becoming more and more complicated. From the beginning of 2020 until now, more than a year and a half, not only has it not decreased but has increased with complex variants and resistance to vaccines. The whole society affects the economy, people's livelihood. Customers are severely affected, production is delayed, orders are cancelled or not on schedule, costs increase, etc... Our Company too, no new contracts, reduce positions, terminate contracts, increase costs, etc... The Board of Directors and departments must constantly think of solutions to follow the policy changes. Due to the pandemic, there are meetings from 18:00 to 20:30, on breaks, on Sundays, etc... with only one purpose: "How to ensure the safety of employees, ensure smooth operation. for customers, advising customers on the most suitable options to reduce costs, the the safety of health and property, etc..."

At the scene, the BMs, Team commanders, and staff who had to face many complicated things daily now had to struggle to meet the pandemic, with hundreds of difficulties related to daily life, travel, accommodation, money and family and loved ones.

We, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of difficulties, together with the best people, can only take care of you with the things that we can do such as face masks, cup noodles, support for living expenses, discuss with guests to take care of you "3 places - 1 road 2 places", take care of the sleeping area at the client's site, provide appropriate documents for you to travel without difficulty with the authorities power.

Dear brothers and sisters, "pandemic spreading" is a definition of a force majeure situation in the contract we sign with our customers. It means "an event that occurs that we cannot control because of its complexity and the occurrence that it causes a great impact on the business". With this provision, if we choose to be safe for the Company, we may notify customers to stop providing services temporarily. However, because all employees will be interrupted during this time, we also inadvertently push the difficulties and risks of our customers even higher. So, of course, we have to think to choose the most suitable way. It is to keep your work and ensure the safety of customers in all situations.

Through this, as the Secretary of the Party Committee, cum General Director of the Company, first of all, I would like to send my most sincere thanks to all of you who have worked very hard in the past time, please share and wish Brothers who have been infected with the virus will overcome the disease, get well soon, and return to their families and work. Furthermore, please also send condolences to the families of brothers and sisters whose family members have died due to the epidemic.

More than ever, at this moment, we hope that we will all well and thoughtfully implement the Directives of the Party and the State, unanimously overcome difficulties, win the battle with this pandemic together, and we will continue to work with customers firmly and surely.

I wish the people of Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the whole country in general will "Conquer the pandemic, be healthy, safe and achieve success".

Goodbye, sincerely.

Secretary of the Party Committee - General Director of the Company.

Phan To Hong Nam

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