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Sports Day of Long Hai Security Services JSC

As planned, on Saturday, July 23, 2022, Long Hai Security Service Joint Stock Company and the Company's Union held a Sports Day for departments and teams in the South. The event opens at 7:45 am and ends at noon.

29 July 2022 08:02

Our recap video of our event

Please watch the video summarizing the Sports Day of Long Hai Security Joint Stock Company, which took place on Saturday, July 23, 2022.

July 23, 2022, at 06:30 am. The departments in charge simultaneously deployed in the competition area, drinking water for fans and athletes, checking the sound system, testing the machine, the organizer's table area, the running track, etc.

At 07:15, the organizers agreed on the changed details due to comments from the referee team.

At 07:30, the organizers were ready to open the sports festival. Still, due to the missing 26 athletes traveling and stuck in traffic, the organizers agreed to postpone it to 07:45. At 07:45, the President of the Company's Union, Mr. Tran Chau Giang, said, gave the opening speech. Then, the Head of the Organizing Committee – Mr. Phan Nam, announced the opening of the sports day.

Despite the early morning sunlight in the stands, the fans were still enthusiastically chanting slogans to support the "home athletes," especially the fans of Team Ho Chi Minh East 3 and Ho Chi Minh Center 7. With tapes, headbands, large banners held in hands, and handheld speakers to keep their group in sync with their chants, they create a vibrant and passionate atmosphere and are an excellent catalyst for athletes to compete.

Starting with the women's 100m sprint, after the athletes entered the starting position, the referee was ready, the cameraman gave the ready signal, the starting signal sounded, and three athletes in the first competition group staggered, threw strong steps, rushed forward, but unfortunately for the athlete on lane 1, after starting about 20m, she tripped and fell. However, she got up to continue her race, but only after approximately 5m; our athlete continued to fall for the second time and was forced to need the help of the medical team to give first aid to 2 scratched and bleeding knees.


However, with inherent calmness and endurance, our injured athlete quickly reintegrated with the fans in the stands and cheered on the next runs of her colleagues below. Watching them and cheering proudly at our athletes.

Next up was the pull-ups competition, a sport where there were only male athletes competing. The first prize belonged to athlete - Nguyen Van Nhat (with 25 successful pull-ups).


Then came the 400m sprint, martial arts, and the 200m relay (after the organizers re-evaluated, it was decided to give up the form of athletes carrying a 5kg fire extinguisher to run because it could be dangerous for athletes.)




It all took place in an atmosphere where the cheering was highly passionate in the stands of more than 150 fans from the teams that attended. Combined with pleasant weather, the sun was high, but it was no longer directed toward the stands; sometimes, each large cloud created a shade mixed with a few gentle breezes as a trigger to fuel the high competitive spirit of the athletes.


10:15: It's time for the final competition of solidarity and collective strength—tug of war.

Under the competition area, the referees prepared a large, long rope; the athletes gathered to listen to the referees disseminate the competition rules, draw the competition and get ready for their matches.


In the stands, the fans gathered in a long line with colorful flags, fan shirts, posters, and cheerleaders, creating an attractive competition atmosphere.

TOOT! TOOT! The whistle blew, followed by the shouts of the group leaders, the lively music from the loudspeakers, the MCs reminding the rules and illegal behaviors, the cheers of the fans... We, the organizers, understand that we have succeeded in today's game.

11:15: On the table, the organizers have the results of the competitions; MC announces that the fans and athletes move to the big poster area to attend the awards ceremony.

Event: Women's 100m Sprint 

First place: To Thi Hong Ngan (Team: Ho Chi Minh East 3) with a time of 16:01 seconds

Second place: Thai Thi Minh Tam (Team: Ho Chi Minh Center 1) with a time of 17:09 seconds

Third place: Huynh Thi My Tien (Team: Ho Chi Minh East 3) with a time of 17:67 seconds


Event: Men's 100m Sprint

First place: Ma Ngoc Tam (Team: Transportation) with a time of 11:23 seconds

Second place: Le Vu Hao (Team: HR department) with a time of 11:90 seconds 

Third place: Le Van Khang (Team: Ho Chi Minh Center 2) with a team of 11:94 seconds

Fourth place: Truong Cong Dung (Team Ho Chi Minh East 4) with a time of 12:20


Event: Men's Pull-ups

First place: Nguyen Van Nhat (Team: Ho Chi Minh East 5) with the achievement of 25 pull-ups

Second place: Vo Van Qui (Team: Transporation) with the achievement of 11 pull-ups

Third place: Le Vu Hao (Team: HR Department) with the achievement of 7 pull-ups 


Event: Women's 400m Sprint

First place: To Thi Hong Ngan (Team: Ho Chi Minh East 3) with a time of 1:40:51 minutes

Second place: Le Thi Ut (Team Dong Nai 8) with a time of 1:45:21 minutes

Third place: Huynh Thi My Tien (Team Ho Chi Minh East 3) with a time of 1:51:02 minutes


Event: Men's 400m Sprint

First place: Ma Ngoc Tam (Team: Transportation) with a time of 57:04 seconds

Second place: Tran Van Duong (Team Ho Chi Minh South 1) with a time of 60:10 seconds

Third place: Luu Minh Du (Team Dong Nai 4) with a time of 60:56 seconds

Fourth place: Nguyen Hoang Quan (Team Ho Chi Minh East 2) with a time of 60:83 seconds


Event: Martial Arts

Joint First place: Ly Gia Huong (Team Binh Duong 11)

Joint First place: Tran Ngoc Duc (Team Dong Nai 4)

Third place: Tran Quoc Dung (Team Ho Chi Minh East 4)

Fourth place: Nguyen Thanh Nhan (Team Ho Chi Minh Center 6) 


Event: Men's 200m Relay 

First place: Team: Dong Nai 4 - Nguyen Minh Canh and Ly Chi Loi with a time of 22:79 seconds

Second place: Team: Office Security - Tran Thien Vu and Nguyen Bui Tan Huy with a time of 23:67 seconds

Third place: Team: Ho Chi Minh East 1 - Tran Hong Nhat and Hoang Duc Anh Khoi with a time of 24:13 seconds

Fouth place: Team: Ho Chi Minh East 4 - Tran Ngoc Hoa and Phan Van Ha with a time of 24:44 seconds


Event: Women's Tug of War

First place: Team Ho Chi Minh East 3

Event: Men's Tug of War

First place: Team: Binh Duong union

Second place: Team: Ho Chi Minh North 5


Third place: Team: Ho Chi Minh Center 7


Fourth place: Team: Ho Chi Minh East 4


Event: Supporters and Team Award

Team Ho Chi Minh East 3 has been awarded the Supporters and Team awards by the organizers with the highest number of fans and the most participation in many sports.


And behold, in the hands of the athletes who won first place was the "Anh 5 Dragon" mascot that first appeared almost 1 year after the concept was designed; the mascot was created for all of us to remember Uncle Nam, grandfather, father and affectionate person to all employees in the Long Hai's family.

Friends, although there was still a small incident (not enough souvenir flags for some competition content, changing rules and competition area at the last minute.) However, with the efforts of the organizers, the enthusiasm of the participants and the enthusiasm of the fans, we can declare that we have a successful sports day event.

Please keep practicing. We will keep this in mind and continue to put it into our company's annual activities.

"We help make your world a safer place."

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Organizing Committee, thank you all for coming to the Company's Sports Day.

Head of the Organizing Committee – Phan Nam

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