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Digitalization Vision Tool

The Vision Tool supports making patrol easier and more efficient; real-time data is shown, and the operator can monitor anytime, anywhere.

Taking your safety to the next level

Securitas Vision enhances security guard performance and day-to-day functions, leading to an overall improvement in the quality of the security program.

Securitas Vision is a smartphone and tablet-based platform that ensures the integrity of each shift and improves the flow of information. From the moment employees log in at the start of the shift to the completion of security tours, this tool simplifies the recording and archiving of activity and incident reports.

Securitas Vision helps ensure reporting consistency and increases efficiency. Clients can access reports and quickly obtain historical data for comparative or informational purposes.

With safety and security reporting, clients can stay up-to-date on the security of their business anytime, anywhere.

See how Securitas Vision can increase the efficiency of your security program

Look at our video to learn more about our Digitalization Vision tool.

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