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The General Director visiting staff of the Northern Region

From June 24th - 26th, the General Director, together with the President of the Company's Union, the Director of the Hanoi branch, and representatives of the departments came to visit the staff in Hung Yen - Hai Duong and Hai Phong to exchange changes within the company and listen to suggestions for the company's future activities.

04 July 2022 05:16

On June 24, 2022, Mr. Phan Nam, General Director of the Company, Mr. Tran Chau Giang, the President of the Company's Union, Mr. Doan Van Thuc, the acting director of the Hanoi Branch, and representatives of departments, company's union officials of Hanoi branch went to visit staffs in Hung Yen - Hai Duong - Hai Phong. Although the climate in the North has cooled down, only when you go to see is the weather harsh and affects the work and daily activities of our staffs. From the staff's suggestions and sharings, Mr. Phan Nam promises to do everything to make their working environment better, to create jobs and stable income as well as improve the quality of work to fulfill the noble purpose of the company, which is "We help make your world a safer place".




On June 25, 2022, Mr. Phan Nam, Mr. Tran Chau Giang, Mr. Doan Van Thuc, together with representatives of departments, company's union officials of the Hanoi branch, coordinated to organize organized a cooking contest with the theme "Delicious food - Good energy - Safety after the Pandemic". Through the competition, it is also an opportunity to share the difficulties and crises during the pandemic in the South, the losses of teammates, the gratitude of clients, the seemingly impossible moments... to understand together that after a safe shift, being together with a family meal, will bring great value in life.











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Thank you Mr. Phan Nam, Mr. Tran Chau Giang, and the Management Board of the Hanoi branch and all of you.

Good bye and see you soon our friends in the North. 

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