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Securitas Operation Centers (SOC)

Securitas Operations Centers (SOC) is designed to monitor camera systems and manage data in many different locations with a single portal, suitable for businesses with many branches, offices, shops, restaurants, and ATM systems..., helping to manage assets, personnel, production, and business activities effectively.


Camera surveillance system

  • Install a system including cameras and video recorders.
  • Allows live viewing and recording archived at transaction offices and branches upon request.
  • Connecting to the alarm system so that when an alarm occurs, the recorder will have an audible alarm in the transaction room and send a signal to the central software.
  • Manage the entire connection status of the recorders at the transaction offices and branches to the center.
  • Allows management of connection status between recorder and camera.
  • Monitor the recording or non-recording status of the camera.
  • Monitor the capacity of the hard drive on the drives and the operating status of the hard drive.
  • Allows viewing of live images at the transaction office by the cameras. 
  • Allows to take a picture of the image at the time when the alarm occurs; when double-clicking the image, the view allows direct viewing.
  • Allows retrieving reports on alarm events and connection status on request.

Alarm system

  • Installing alarm systems, including the hub of sensors according to actual requirements, sensors at the transaction offices, and a buzzer light device to notify when an alarm occurs.
  • Sensor types include SOS/Panic Button, smoke detector, door sensor, motion sensor, and anti-vibration sensor. The sensors will set up the always-on mode (always acting even though the alarm center doesn't turn on the alarm). The infrared sensor will only be activated when the alarm is turned on.
  • When the sensors are triggered, the alarm center will control the alarm sound to turn on the alarm at the transaction room to notify and send a signal to the center.
  • Manage connection status of all alarm centers at transaction offices and branches.
  • Manage alarm on and off status, alarm occurrence of all alarm centers, and sensor operation status.
  • Allow to turn on and off alarm at the center.
  • Allows retrieving reports on demand.
  • Automatically send email reminders to transaction offices that have not turned on alarms by the specified time.

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