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Nguyen Ngoc Hau

Nguyen Ngoc Hau, supervisor of the Ho Chi Minh West 5 team, with his actions, he was chosen by the Board of Directors as "September's Hero of the Month" for demonstrating two out of the three core values "Vigilance and Helpfulness" of the Company.

Name: Nguyen Ngoc Hau

Team: Ho Chi Minh - West 5

Joined Long Hai - Securitas: 2018

Achievements: Vigilance & Helpfulness.

In 2022, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc constantly coordinated with the Police of Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, to control and promptly report long-standing societal vices in the area under the NHC bridge, protesters and during patrolling, discovered and reported many incidents of tenants using banned substances/stimulants in the S.W.P apartment building.

In management work, Hau has maintained good security inside and outside the building, so the security situation at S.W.P. is always guaranteed. In addition to security work, Hau asked the Management Board to arrange space for the civil defense force to have an area in which to practice their professional work.

With Hau's active cooperation and many times being praised by the Ward 22 Police, the Chairman of the People's Committee of Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, honored and awarded a Certificate of Merit to Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hau.

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