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Hero of the Month - November, 2022

Tran Quang Bao

Tran Quang Bao, an employee of the Ho Chi Minh Center 6 team, with his actions, he was chosen by the Board of Directors as the "November's Hero of the Month" for demonstrating the core value of "Vigilance" of the Company.

Name: Tran Quang Bao

Team: Ho Chi Minh - Center 6

Achievements: Vigilance

At 03:15 a.m. on October 23, 2022, and on the morning of October 24, 2022, security officer Tran Quang Bao, patrolling in the bank area, heard the noise of running water inside the IT server room. He then discovered that the ceiling was leaking, and the water was leaking down the light troughs to the entire office and first floor. Quang Bao immediately reported the incident to shift leader Le Man and the supervisor to assist in handling the matter due to being unable to contact the client.

The supervisor directed the handling and requested shift leader Le Man to appoint additional personnel, Pham Truong Trung Ngu, to support inspection and handling.

Immediately, shift leader Man informed the building's M.E department for support and jointly checked and locked the main water supply valve to control the incident.

Through inspection, the cause was that the toilet water supply pipe was broken, and the floor drain was sealed, leading to water overflowing through the gen box (technical box) into the IT Server room and spilling out onto the entire first-floor ceiling and seeping down the trough down the office.

Because the problem was detected and handled promptly, only the ceiling, and carpet were damaged. The water did not reach the server source, so it did not cause an explosion or damage to the equipment (however, the entire circuit reported an error due to increased humidity, information from customer feedback)

Through timely detection and handling by security, the IT Server system still operates well without causing stagnation and congestion, significantly affecting the bank's operations on the first working day of the week. Customers, especially the bank leaders, highly appreciated and suggested to the Team Executive Committee in the meeting the form of cash rewards for the employers. However, the Team Executive Committee refused and explained to the Leaders that this is not allowed, due to violates the policy, within the anti-corruption and negative rules of Long Hai Securitas, so the company refused and suggested that Long Hai's achievements should only be recognized with the Team Executive Committee or in writing, email of the Team Executive Committee and the Company's Board of Directors.


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