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6 Methods and Tricks of High-Tech Criminals

In the 4.0 era, we can encounter dangers through electronic devices and social networking sites. To help you and your loved ones not become victims of scammers, we would like to note six key points as follows:

14 February 2022 07:38


1. Hacking, impersonating the user's social network account, sending fraudulent messages, borrowing money from the victim's friends list.

2. Scams in the form of texting to win prizes, online lending using several mobile phone applications; Participating in winning minigames, sending participation fees, transportation fees, and registration fees.

3. Fraudsters pretending to be foreigners texting to get acquainted and send gifts to Vietnam, then pretending to be airport employees, tax officers... to ask victims to transfer money to pay fees and fines to occupy the property.

4. Texting and calling to pretend to be a police officer, the Procuracy is investigating a case related to the victim's bank account and asks the victim to transfer money to the subject's account number for investigation, and clarify when the investigation is finished, the amount will be returned to the victim.

5. Appropriating the victim's bank account in several ways, such as impersonating the bank to send a link to request an account update, confirming international money transfer, then gaining unauthorized access to the bank account to perform money transfer transactions appropriate money in the account.

6. Texting mobile users to receive unemployment insurance support money due to the Covid-19 pandemic, then stealing the victim's information to get bank account information and money in the victim's account.

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