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Mobile, Patrol and Response Guarding

Our Mobile, Patrol, and Response Guarding are additional options to ensure your safety when your alarm system is triggered.

Mobile, Patrol, and Response Guarding

Together with our security solutions, alarm systems, Mobile, Patrol, and Response Guarding services are an effective way to prevent break-ins and minimize damage. We monitor and alert your facility no matter what happens. Your family, property, or business is always our safety target at any hour, day or night.

Secure protection with Patrol, Surveillance, Mobile, and Response Guarding

We take full responsibility for your family, home, and business when you are on holiday with your family or on business trips… With our Mobile, Patrol, and Response Guarding service, your home will be regularly monitored, and it will act as an addition to your alarm system. When an alarm from your location arrives at our control center, we will send one of our Mobile and Response guards, moving as quickly as possible, to check cause alarms or handle incidents that cause unsafety to your home or business.

We handle all emergencies.

Our Mobile, Patrol, and Response security forces are highly qualified to handle unexpected situations, such as fires and accidents, and know how to act in the event of an impending threat to Limit injury and property damage. Our security is in constant contact with the control center. They report their observations and can call the police or fire department if necessary.

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