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3A Nutrition Co., Ltd

Our client, 3A Nutrition Co., Ltd in Hanoi, had a couple of compliments about the services of Long Hai Security Service Joint Stock Company in 2012.

07 August 2012 06:11

To ensure the coordination in daily work between the logistics department staff of 3A nutrition company and Long Hai security guards and at the same time affirm the professionalism of the employees working at the warehouse.

During the period from August 2, 2012, to August 4, 2012, our company conducted an inventory, in this inventory with the participation of VINACONTROL inspection staff and Abbot staff.

We are pleased to report to you the results of the inventory check as follows:

1. The spirit of cooperation between Long Hai employees and us is very good in protecting assets, goods and maintaining order and stability.

2. The results of inventory control in terms of quantity are not different, reaching 100% accuracy of goods in stock.

On behalf of the Logistics department, warehouse 3A nutrition. I would like to thank the contributions of the management and staff of Long Hai working at 3A nutrition warehouse. I look forward to our cooperation becoming more and more fruitful.


Hanoi August 7, 2012

Head of Department

Nguyen Dac Kim Au




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