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Southern Chemical Industry Company Limited (CiCo South)

Our client, Southern Chemical Industry Company Limited (CiCo South) in Ho Chi Minh, had a few words of thanks to Long Hai Security Service Joint Stock Company staff for detecting the theft in Company property.

10 September 2008 10:59

Through the incident on August 29, 2008, Long Hai Security staff working at Southern Chemical Industry One Member Company Limited (CiCo South) has shown a high sense of responsibility and professionalism in detecting workers stealing hidden assets. Therefore, to encourage the working spirit of Security, I decided to reward the team of Team Command and the staff in the shift that day with the amount of VND 2,000,000 (Two million) for repeatedly detecting workers steal, recovering many assets and supporting our company well in maintaining order and Security, company rules.

As the Company's Director, I would like to thank your company for your security guards for showing an excellent and effective working spirit, hope that your company also has the same opinion. We think we encourage the security guards in time so that they can continue to develop their abilities even more.

Best regards





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