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Consulate General of Switzerland

Our client, The Consulate General of Switzerland, sent a thank you letter to Long Hai Security's team for the valued support and cooperation last year.

11 January 2022 08:24

Dear Sir or Madam, 

By this letter, I would like to thank Long Hai Security's team for the valued support and excellent cooperation for the last year. 

I would particularly convey my sincere thanks to Messrs. Nguyen Tan Thao, Huynh Thanh Tam and Ho Minh Cuong for the excellent, reliable and dedicated work. I much appreciate their diligence and good manners in fulfilling their duties. The security guards have always been courteous and friendly in welcoming and guiding visitors of the residence. 

I would appreciate if Long Hai Security Services would find appropriate ways to express the recognition of the good work in order to maintain the high motivation and good spirit of these guards. 

Sincerely yours. 

The Consul General of Switzerland 

Martin Maier.