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Honda Metal Industries Vietnam

Our client, Honda Metal Industries Vietnam Co., Ltd in Binh Duong, had a couple of compliments to our staff while on duty at their premises.

06 June 2008 09:32

Today on 06/06/2008, HONDA METAL INDUSTRIES VIETNAM CO., LTD sent an official dispatch to the Board of Directors and security guards at HONDA METAL INDUSTRIES VIETNAM CO., LTD.

In the past time, the Long Hai security team at the Company has discovered many thefts of the company's assets and most recently at 10 pm on 04/06/08 at Honda Metal Industries Vietnam Company, there was an employee who colluded with outsiders to steal our aluminium, but thanks to the positive working spirit and vigilance of the security guards, they promptly detected and caught the crooks and handed them over to VSIP Police to solve so that the company does not lose its assets.

Through the above incident, our company has confidence in the Long Hai security team, our company especially commends you:

  1. Tran Van Dang
  2. Dang Van Nam
  3. Hoang Van Huy
  4. Nguyen Van Duc
  5. Duong Hoang Dang
  6. Nguyen Chi Viet

The security guards above did a very good job that they were given. 

Now, the Company makes this official letter to the Board of Directors of Long Hai Company as well as the security team at our Company to express their gratitude and hope to have long-term cooperation with Long Hai Security Company.

Best regards!

Binh Duong, June 6, 2008

General manager

Ko Kimata



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