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HSBC Bank - Hanoi

Our client, HSBC Bank in Hanoi, had a couple of compliments for our staff while on duty at the Pacific Pace building.

27 July 2011 12:31

First of all, on behalf of HSBC Bank Vietnam - Hanoi Branch, I would like to send to all the leadership and staff of Long Hai company best wishes and best regards!

Today I am writing this letter to commend the security guards Long Hai on duty at HSBC Bank - Hanoi Branch - Pacific Place Building in general and especially Nguyen Anh Tu, Trinh Thi Thu Hang.

While on duty on March 31, 2011, Nguyen Anh Tu discovered that a customer entered a transaction at the bank and left the amount of VND 974,000 at an ATM in the Express Banking area. On July 25, 2011, Nguyen Anh Tu discovered a customer's credit card forgotten at the transaction information desk. On June 17, 2011, Trinh Thi Thu Hang at an ATM in the Express Banking area discovered that a customer had forgotten to receive money from the ATM; the amount was VND1,400,000. Anh Tu and Thu Hang reported the incident in time to the shift leader, and the bank's security staff sealed the object so that the individual customer management department of the bank could return it to the customer. We highly appreciate the honesty and responsibility in the work of Anh Tu and Thu Hang. Our customer was very touched to thank the Long Hai security guards when they received their property back.

With a team of professionally trained, honest and responsible security guards, Long Hai's image is increasingly leaving a good impression in customers' hearts. In order to encourage the security guards in general as well as Anh Tu and Thu Hang in particular, we request the management of Long Hai company to commend and reward in a timely manner. Once again, we would like to thank and wish your company more and more development.

Best regards

Ngoc Tuan shop

Hanoi Branch Manager

HSBC Bank (Vietnam) One Member Limited



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