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La Vie Co., Ltd

Our client, La Vie Co., Ltd., sent a letter of thanks to Long Hai Security Service Joint Stock Company for the timely control of a fire in their office area.

11 September 2009 04:30

Dear Long Hai Security Joint Stock Company,

At 17:50 at the branch of La Vie Co., Ltd., there was a fire, which was received by Long Hai security guards from the fire alarm system installed in the office area. Security staff conducts inspection and detects that the fire alarm area is the Marketing department. While fighting the fire, security guards and employees of La Vie company had to break the glass door of Marketing room to enter the fire department because at that time the room was locked and the fire was controlled in time to avoid damage to our company.

After the fire on the afternoon of September 10, 2009, on behalf of La Vie Co., Ltd., I would like to sincerely thank Long Hai Security Company and especially Mr. Doan Anh Dung and Son Van Tam for their work. support our company to protect life and property. The two brothers showed a responsible spirit and a quick response with a high level of professionalism.

Once again, our company would like to thank you and the security team on duty at 360 Ben Van Don. Our company hopes that the relationship between the two companies will become closer and wish you always complete your tasks.

Best regards.

Nguyen Cong Toai


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