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Perfetti Van Melle (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.

Our client, Perfetti Van Melle (Vietnam) Co., Ltd in Binh Duong, had a couple of compliments on the services of Long Hai Security Service Joint Stock Company in 2014.

19 May 2014 12:34

First of all, on behalf of the Board of Directors of Perfetti Van Melle (Vietnam) Co., Ltd., I would like to wish you and all employees good health.

With the situation of extreme protests leading to agitation and burning of factories of companies in industrial zones in recent days, the climax occurred on May 13, 2014, and May 14, 2014. has partly directly affected production activities at Perfetti Company. However, with the close support and cooperation between Perfetti Company and Long Hai Company, the situation was controlled and promptly prevented the worst possible developments. We sincerely thank the presence and active support in the fire prevention and fighting work from the evening of May 13, 2014, to the morning of May 14, 2014, of the Board of Directors of Long Hai Branch and all employees. Your company's officers and employees are currently working at Perfetti.

Best regards,

On behalf of Perfetti Van Melle Company (Vietnam)


Phan Thi Tuyet Nga




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