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Quince Saigon

Our client, Quince Saigon, had a couple of compliments about the service of Long Hai Security Service Joint Stock Company in 2020.

23 November 2020 06:12

Thank You Letter

Dear Mr. Tan, 

On the occasion that Madam Kew Bar has been running for a while and is about to open in the near future, the Board of Directors of Quince Saigon/Prinicipal Group restaurant would like to sincerely thank Long Hai company and its employees for supporting the restaurant in the past time, especially during the outbreak of Covid-19.

Mr. Fabian sent praise and thanks to Mr. Huy, Mr. Hien, Head of Regional Security and especially Mr. Hung, who has always ensured the safety of customers and restaurant staff in the past time. Mr. Fabian always appreciated Mr. Hung's abilities, especially his attentiveness to customers and employees. Fabian also did not forget to thank Mr. Hien for always completing his outstanding tasks. Sincerely thank the precious efforts of the Long Hai security guards over the past time. The end of the year is coming, surely it will be much busier, the company leaders hope the employees continue to do their best to ensure the safety of the property as well as the health of the employees and guests at the restaurant/bar at 37Bis Ky Con.

Wishing Mr. Tan as well as all employees of Long Hai company health, happiness and growth. Looking forward to continuing to cooperate with Long Hai company in the next many years!

Appreciation and thanks!


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