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Samsung Vina Electronics Co., Ltd

Our client, Samsung Vina had a couple of compliments on the service of Long Hai Security Service Joint Stock Company in 2008.

17 October 2008 12:14

First of all, Samsung Vina Electronics Company, we sincerely thank Long Hai BV Company for the protection services and security support for our company's activities during the past time at the Sales Office 102 Nguyen Du.

We highly appreciate the professional skills and professional spirit of the members of the Long Hai security team working at Sales Office 102 Nguyen Du. In particular, over the past time, Long Hai security team members have provided exemplary support to Samsung Vina in detecting signs of security violations of ADEN janitors. The minutes and evidence of offences related to the two recent incidents have been fully and authentically handed over to our company by security team members.

Samsung Company hopes that the Security Team Command and Long Hai Company will continue to create conditions for employees to promote better security services and support for the activities of the Sales Office. We are always safe.

Best regards.

Samsung Vina Electronics Co., Ltd

Tun Cheol, Shin



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