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San Lim Furniture Vietnam

Our customer, San Lim Furniture Vietnam Company in Dong Nai, had a couple of compliments about the services of Long Hai Security Service Joint Stock Company in 2018.

14 June 2018 10:25

It is a huge pleasure to write some words on behalf of the San Lim Furniture (VN) Company to acknowledge the contribution of Long Hai Security Services JSC to the success of San Lim Furniture (VN) operations management.

The Long Hai Team has been providing San Lim Furniture (VN) with security services since 2012. During that time, we have been impressed by their professionalism and diligence as well as their ability to respond to all kinds of events and unexpected situations. Currently, they have a complement of 42 guards for 17 positions with 02 supervisors serving our Company needs and requirements.

After these many years of service, with regular renewals to their contract, it would be fair to say that San Lim Furniture (VN) has been completely satisfied with their service. Their staff are individually professional and courteous and have certainly met our performance requirements.

consequently, we have to admit that Long Hai Security Services JSC is a trusted partner in Security Section.

We wish Long Hai Security Services JSC every success in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Nguyen Duc Thien
HR Manager 



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