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San Lim Furniture Vietnam Company

Our client, San Lim Furniture Vietnam Company in Dong Nai, had a couple of compliments about the service of Long Hai Security Service Joint Stock Company in 2020.

21 November 2020 04:30

San Lim, acknowledge as a leader in wooden furniture production, we have been using Long Hai in some of our factories because of their reputation and excellent services. 

We are satisfied with Long Hai JSC services and we have to admit that they have been providing services that are above our expectations. Their guards show full professionalism, helpfulness, politeness, alert and integrity to not only keep our building safe but also a high standard of customer service. Their supervisor and managers are working very closely with us in every minor matter that makes us very confident and comfortable. 

We, of course, would like to recommend Long Hai JSC services for their excellent and dedicated services. 

We are willing to talk if you need further information. 

Best regards, 

Nguyen Xuan Truong

General Affairs 



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