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Sunwah Tower

Mr. Lo Kwok Luen sent a letter of commendation to employee Nguyen Anh Tu for picking up the dropped item and sent it back to the Management Office to find out who dropped it.

23 September 2013 06:38

The Sunwah Tower Board of Directors and Management wish to thank Mr. Nguyen Anh Tu of Long Hai Security Sun What Building staff for submitting valuable items you found in the Building to the Sun Wah Tower Management Office so the items could be recorded in our "Lost & Found" list with the goal of returning the found item(s) to the owner. 

This "Letter of Merit" is presented to you in recognition of your honesty and good work ethic shown in this situation. It is our hope that you will continue this high-level of service at Sun Wah Tower and set a leading example for other Long Hai Security Staff at our building. 

Sun Wah Tower Management Office 

Lo Kwok Luen

General Director  

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