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Began in 1995 with 44 fully-trained guard personnel, we currently have more than 2,700 personnel. All guards must take our intensive training course in-class as well as practical, "hands-on" training in the field. In addition, our guards receive training and certification from the police pursuant to Vietnamese law.

The purpose of our training:

With the mission of providing professional and mobile security services, Long Hai always focuses on professional training and coaching, the purpose of equipping staff with the correct awareness of the security profession, knowledge. on relevant laws and basic operations so that after the training, employees have enough courage to handle all arising situations at the protection target. Long Hai's mission is "We make your world a safer place"

  • Fire Prevention

    We allow our security officers to go through fire prevention with local firefighters to learn the basics of fire prevention.

  • First Aid

    We create an annual First Aid training to allow our security officers to prepare themselves in an emergency situation.

  • Risk Management

    We provide risk management courses to help our security officer assess the risk they face every day in their job.

  • Finance management

    We provide courses on financial management to help our security officers on problems relating to financial matters, accommodation management, requirements and procedures from the accounting department for team commanders.

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