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How to keep your home safe while on holidays?

The holidays are when families tend to travel in and out of the country. Therefore, here are our security procedures that will help you keep your home safe when you or your family are away.

17 January 2022 02:54


Make sure your home stays safe during the holidays with these simple security procedures.

You always expect security for your home and especially during the holiday season, you definitely need that security. A proper security system is the best way to keep your home safe during the holidays. Here are some simple things you can do to secure your home for the holidays.

Update your alarm system.

Inform your alarm management company that you will be out of town and give them a phone number where you can be reached (not your home phone number) and any of your relatives so that if for some reason they cannot contact you, they will call your relatives (we always recommend at least 3 numbers in order of priority). Then, if there is an alarm, the company can contact your relative and not the thief breaking into your home with access to your home number.

Secure and protect all doors and windows.

Make sure all your doors and windows are locked and repair any cracks that could weaken the doors and windows.

Tell your trusted/close neighbor that you are travelling.

Tell your neighbors that you are going on holiday and ask for their help by checking in on your house from time to time to alert burglars who want to break in that there is some activity going on around your house.

Check motion, light sensors and alarms.

Before you leave, you must make sure that your home alarm system's motion sensors, lights and alarms are actually working. That way, your neighbors can spot any burglars and call the police.

Your home deserves to be a place where you and your family should feel comfortable and safe. Contact our security experts in Long Hai via hotline (028) 3997 6009, for more safety and protection procedures for your home.

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