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Monitoring Service

Central Monitoring Station (CMS)

By connecting your alarms and alarms with the central monitoring station of Long Hai Securitas (CMS), your home or business will be monitored 24 hours a day by our experienced specialist staff. I. Of course, the confidentiality and privacy of our customers are also our top priorities in this service.

Central Monitoring Station (CMS)

We ensure that appropriate action is taken promptly in the event of an alarm. We can receive alarms from all types of systems regardless of build or build. When there is an alarm, we will perform the action you specified in advance.

Our Central Control Station (CMS) is the centre for recording and handling situations when we receive alarm information from your facility. When you connect your alarms to us, we will monitor your facility around the clock. The staff at our centre will record and process various types of alarms as well as perform the procedures we have signed with you.

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