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Dinh Van Duc

Unlike previous months, in April 2022, the Board of Directors selected and awarded 2 "Heroes of the Month." Mr. Tran Ngoc Sang, Shift leader of the Ho Chi Minh- Center 10 team, and Mr. Dinh Van Duc, the security guard of the Ho Chi Minh - West 5 team. Both employees, through their actions, have shown the excellent core values of the Company.

Dinh Van Duc HOTM.jpg

Name: Dinh Van Duc

Team: Ho Chi Minh - West 5

Joined Long Hai - Securitas: 2021

Achievements: Integrity & Helpfulness

At 10:00 a.m. on April 7, 2022, at the S.P site, while patrolling to check the site's perimeter, officer Dinh Van Duc discovered that outside the road area opposite the S.P villa area, there was an unknown white cloth bag that someone dropped. Suspecting that there was money in the bag, officer Duc reported the incident to the Shift leader to record it in the incident report.

After receiving the incident, the shift leader and supervisor moved back to the officer's position, kept the cloth bag, and moved in the direction of the CCTV to the office of the Board of Management to record the incident record.

When checked the inside of the bag, the total sum cash value is over 100 million VND.

After recording the incident and handed over the cloth bag containing the money to the Board of Management and asked for assistance in re-checking the area camera to identify the person who dropped it and return it correctly because of the high value of the money at 10:55 p.m. on the same day, a foreign resident contacted the building's front desk and asked to receive the lost property back. After checking the corresponding symmetry of the amount of money and the clip image of the resident dropping, the security guard and the Building Board of Management proceeded to hand over the property to the resident.

After the incident, customers had direct praise for the integrity of Long Hai security guards.

Tổng giám đốc Phan Nam có đôi lời khen ngợi cho nhân viên đạt giải "Anh Hùng của Tháng 4" 
General Director Phan Nam had a few words of praise for the employees who won the "Hero of the Month" award.

General Director - Phan Nam

After returning from demobilization from the military, and joined Long Hai in 2021. The quality of a soldier is not affected by his daily life. In front of a dropped bag with a value of nearly 150 million, Duc understood what he had to do, and the person who dropped the bag received the bag in great surprise. He demonstrated integrity and Helpfulness, with 2 out of 3 red dots on the chest perfectly displayed during his shift. Thank you, and very proud of soldiers like you.

Giám Đốc Khu Vực Tây Hồ Chi Minh, Nguyễn Đình Lộc, đã có đôi lời về anh Đinh Văn Đức dựa trên thành tích anh Sang đã đạt được trong tháng 4, 2022.
West Ho Chi Minh Branch Manager, Nguyen Dinh Lọc, had a few words about Mr. Dinh Van Duc based on Mr. Duc's achievements in April, 2022.

Branch Manager - Loc Nguyen

Coming from a soldier background and being trained rigorously in the military environment, Mr. Dinh Van Duc has brought in him the noble qualities of a soldier of Uncle Ho. After demobilizing from the army, he chose Long Hai Company as a place he believed in to continue his role as a soldier of modern times and fulfill his ambitions. With the act of detecting a guest's high-value property that was dropped and returned in a timely manner, he was appreciated by the residents and highly appreciated by the Building Board of Management for his honesty and integrity. He deserves to be our "Hero of the Month".

Cảm nhận của anh Nguyễn Ngọc Hậu, chỉ huy đội Thành Phố Hồ Chí Minh - Tây 5 về thành tích của đồng nghiệp của mình.
Nguyen Ngoc Hau, supervisor of the Ho Chi Minh City - West 5 team, about the achievements of his colleagues.

Supervisor - Hau Nguyen

According to interpretations and views from many sides, the whole incident will certainly receive mixed opinions when considered due to luck and randomness because if no one dropped it, there would undoubtedly be no achievements. If anyone has that thought, I think it should be dismissed immediately. In terms of the Supervisor, our team considers it an excellent moral quality of an employee on duty and not everyone can do it because not everyone can keep a cool head and win against the temptation when standing in front of a large amount of money over 100 million and especially when that money is lying on the street. What if that day was not Mr. Duc but another passerby who picked it up? That's the question I want to ask those who are thinking like what I've mentioned above. It is great and very proud because Mr. Duc has been a member of Team HCM - West 5. This is also a shining example for the whole team, a source of motivation to promote work and responsibility for the entire team. Thank you, Mr. Duc, for affirming the core value of the company in the eyes of customers: Integrity Thank you to the Board of Directors for noting the above case of Mr. Duc. The above rewards and titles given to Mr. Duc by the Board of Directors are well deserved, are a source of motivation for employees to be confident in the working process, and even let all the remaining colleagues see the work more carefully, self-checking controlling their position better. Show a professional image to customers at the right target according to the company leaders' desire "We help make your world a safer place."

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