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May's Hero of the Month - Nguyen Dai Tuan

With his actions, Nguyen Dai Tuan, a shift leader of the Dong Nai 9 team, was selected by the Board of Directors as "May's Hero of the Month" for demonstrating the Company's core value of "Vigilance."

Nguyen Dat Tuan.png

Name: Nguyen Dai Tuan

Team: Dong Nai 9

Joined Long Hai - Securitas: 2017

Achievements: Vigilance

At 3:42 p.m. on May 7, 2022, at E.L.T., Shift leader Nguyen Dai Tuan monitoring through the CCTV, discovered department workers: Ironing, showing suspicious signs (specifically, going through someone else's area to get a shirt and bring it back to the area and hidden under the vacuum absorption table of the ironing area) and have informed the staff Luong Quoc Dat on duty at the workshop to follow and monitor, at 16:00 the worker left the working position and brought a black shirt to the restroom.

At 16:07, this worker left the restroom but did not hold anything in his hand and went back into the workshop, employee Dat checked the restroom and found no shirt in the restroom, so it was determined that the worker had hidden his shirt inside his body and has decided to continue to follow and monitor.

At 16:20, when the worker had just arrived at the garage door, employee Luong Quoc Dat and Shift leader Tuan approached and invited this worker to the human resources room to investigate. Under the witness of Mr. Tuan (Director of Production) and Mr. Phuong (H.R.), the security guard checked the back of the worker's pants, and there was a black finished T-shirt produced at the factory. 

General Director, Phan Nam, share his thoughts on May's Hero of the Month
Tổng Giám Đốc, Phan Nam, chia sẻ cảm nghĩ của ông về Nhân vật Tiêu biểu Tháng 5

General Director - Phan Nam

Vigilance. One of the three core values to become a professional security guard has been masterfully used by Tuan, the shift leader of the Dong Nai 9 team in his shift perfectly. For example, when replacing a colleague in the camera position to go to the toilet, Tuan quickly discovered the unusual thing of a worker at the production workshop through the camera. Secretly following and accurately verifying, Tuan caught the thief with a hidden product. Because of your constant vigilance, you didn't lose a single minute when doing something so easy to ignore: which is substituting a position for your colleague. Thank you, and we hope all of our employees across the Company do the same!

Area Manager - Le Hong Tu, sharing his thoughts on Nguyen Dai Tuan's achievement. 
Giám đốc khu vực - Lê Hồng Tư, chia sẻ cảm nghĩ của anh về thành tích của anh Nguyễn Đại Tuấn

Area Manager - Le Hong Tu

Joining Long Hai Securitas in 2017, 5 years of experience with many positions, and now promoted to a Shift leader, operating a shift at a large-scale Client with characteristics and nature of operations always require a very high sense of professional responsibility from each officer and employee of the Security team. With passion and love for his job, Nguyen Dai Tuan has completed his task with HIGH PROFESSIONAL ability, clearly showing the Vigilance in our 3 core values, ​​"Integrity - Vigilance - Helpfulness", thereby helping the Client to prevent property loss as well as contribute to maintaining the Client's culture; It can be said that Tuan is like a bright example for colleagues to learn from and is also an indispensable inspiration for the Company. On behalf of the Southeast, Midlands, and Highlands Region, I would like to express my gratitude to you, and I am sure that the Board of Directors of the Company and your colleagues will always be proud of you and hope that you will always continue to make tireless efforts, continue to strive to develop ourselves to become the positive and typical nucleus of the Company in the present as well as in the future, always bringing value to customers with the motto: "We help make your world a safer place."

Our Branch Manager, Duong Pham, share his thoughts on his employee achieving the Hero of the Month award.
Giám đốc chi nhánh của chúng tôi, Dương Phạm, chia sẻ cảm nghĩ của anh về nhân viên anh nhận được giải nhân vật tiêu biểu

Branch Manager - Pham Quynh Duong

With 5 years of work with a passion for the profession, shift leader Nguyen Dai Tuan affirms the trust of clients in us through outstanding achievements demonstrating expertise, understanding, and accurate judgment to catch criminals stealing clients' property to demonstrate the different professionalism of Long Hai Securitas employees. We believe that the employees of our company are always the same, always affirming the core values of "Integrity, Vigilance, Helpfulness" where we operate every day.

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